NemKonto needs to be initiated direct, please see NemKonto for companies for guidance

NemKonto It states that you need 5 types of documentation:
1.     The newest Registration form: NemKonto form for companies (pdf)
a.     The Registration form must contain one of the following ways of notarization:
                                         i.    Notarized signature by a notary or lawyer.
                                        ii.    The signature of two witnesses. 
b.     The signee(s) must have the rights to bind the company as stated in the company’s articles of association.
c.     Please make sure that all boxes are filled out and that the information is correct.
2.      A signed copy of the company’s current articles of association translated into Danish or English. 
The articles of association must state the company’s signatory powers or binding corporate rules. 
3.     Official documentation from an authority that proves that the signee fulfils the requirements laid out in the articles of association  translated into Danish or English.
a.     The documentation cannot be more than one month old.
b.     The documentation must prove that the signee of the Registration form is a Permitted signee in the company.
4.     A copy of the signee’s official identification papers.
5.     A copy of the company’s Registration Certificate from Skattestyrelsen (SE-numbers only).