In order to create a new user you must be an administrator. Companies apply to add administrators by contacting Banking Circle at The administrator role is a separate user type that is not allowed to initiate or approve payments. 

  1. Sign into Banking Circle, then open Administration in the side bar menu

  2. In the Administration tab, open Users and click the New User button. NB! Users created by Admin Users will always get access to all accounts under the company. Do you require a user with limited access to accounts, please contact us at Accept the disclaimer message in the UI to continue.

  3. Fill out the mandatory fields; Name, Phone Number for Authy App and E-mail 

  4. Validate the Company & accounts access in the tick box

  5.  Select Roles and STP-rules for the user

  6. Click Create

The user may need to be authenticated under Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) by using the Authy app. 

Depending on your setup, the user may also have to be approved by an internal approver.

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