There are two separate tasks involved in completing bulk payments.

Task 1: Prepare Bulk file

  1. The first task is to prepare a bulk file. The file type should be either csv or txt to be uploaded successfully. 
  2. Please see the detailed documentation for our bulk file format here.
  3. Please notice that you can leave optional fields empty, but not skip them. This means you should remember to insert the comma as when you separate populated fields. 
  4. Each payment should be on its own line

Task 2: Upload Bulk file and initiate payment 

The second task is to upload the prepared bulk file to Banking Circle.

  1. Sign into Banking Circle, then click Bulk Upload in the top right of the page

  2. Upload the bulk file from your computer by using drag and drop, or click on the upload field to manually select a file from a folder on your computer. (It's currently only possible to upload one file at a time).

  3. The uploaded file will be shown below the file upload field (It is possible to delete the file by clicking the delete icon next to the file name (the icon is becoming visible when hovering over the file name))

  4. Click Initiate

The payment may need to be authenticated under Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) by using the Authy app. (SCA is not required for internal payments or payments to saved creditors).

Depending on your setup, the payment may also have to be approved by an internal approver.

Partial bulk
The Partial bulk feature ensures that all valid payment instructions within a bulk file will be initiated, and only the payments containing errors are rejected.
When uploading a bulk payment file within the Banking Circle Connect platform, a message will be displayed stating that “Some payments cannot be uploaded” if there are errors within the file.

  1. Click Export errors to download a csv file containing the errors, in order to correct the invalid payment instructions later. If you wish to continue, click the Proceed anyway button. By clicking Proceed anyway, the valid payments will be initiated and sent for processing. All invalid payments can be found on the Dashboard, Transactions Overview, and the Rejection Report. You can then correct the invalid payments and reupload them as either bulk or single payments. 

  2. If there is an instance in which the bulk file can’t be accepted at all, a screen will be displayed saying “The bulk file cannot be uploaded”.

  3. From here, it is possible to export the errors, correct the invalid payment instructions, and then upload the bulk file.  

For a guide on how to use partial bulk in the API click here. 

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