Payments can be initiated from the header section of each page after logging into Banking Circle by clicking on the New Payment or Bulk Upload buttons. The New Payment button will create individual payments to new or existing creditors. The Bulk Upload button will initiate payments from multiple debtor accounts to multiple (existing and new) creditor accounts in one single bulk file. These payments may use different payment execution dates and currencies.   

The below provides general guidance for using the new payment form. 

Using the new payment form

  1. Sign into Banking Circle, then click New Payment in the top right of the page

  2. Select a sender account from the dropdown list or search for an account by entering the account information in the field*

  3. Chose the Recipient you wish to pay

    1. You can select a saved recipient using the dropdown list or search by entering an account number or company name

    2. You can also create a new recipient by clicking Add new recipient

  4. Fill out Amount & Currency information**

  5. Choose the date and the frequency (if initiating a recurring payment)

  6. Fill out the Details for own and recipient (mandatory) and Details for own use (optional), then click Initiate payment

The payment need to be authenticated under Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) by using the Authy app. (SCA may not be required for internal payments, if these preferences are chosen by your company).

Depending on your setup, the payment may also have to be approved by an internal approver.


*  The sender currency is automatically selected when choosing the sender account. The recipient currency must be manually selected.

** Only one of the amount input fields must be filled out.

  1. Fill out the amount in the ‘From’ field to define the amount that should be debited from the sender account. The amount transferred into the recipient’s account in the selected currency will depend on the foreign exchange rate at the time of payment processing. 

  2. Fill out the ‘To’ field to control the exact amount that should be transferred into the recipient’s account in the selected currency. The amount debited from the sender account will depend on the foreign exchange rate at the time of payment processing.